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August 17th, 2016


Wow, the games in Rio have given us more American heroes than a Marvel movie! Phelps, Ledecky, Biles, Raisman, etc. etc. Not since perhaps the days of Bonnie Blair and co. tearing up winter games have we seen such stardom. These games are down to their last 5 days though, so get your summer games final kicks in as the world says goodbye for another four years. Who knows what’ll be up in 2020, so come Post with us this week and weekend for the finales of your favorite events, at your favorite sports bar, The Post Sports and Grill. And if we’re not your favorite bar, put us in your top 2 so you can check us out when you’re tired of the other place!

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Nothing wrong with being second of course. Just ask our second most popular sandwich, the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. All day Wednesday, our Johnny’s Daily Deal is for $5.99 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich plates! Whether you want it at 11am or as a late night fifth meal, today’s your day. If you’re wondering what our most popular sandwich is, come by on Friday for Johnny’s Daily Deal when it features our signature Cheesesteak!


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The Cardinals are also in second place, both in the central division and in the second wild card spot. Despite the relative down year, the Cardinals are still very much a playoff team. It goes to show how bad the other fan bases have it when they usually don’t sniff the playoffs and the rare times they do, they go crazy about that second wild card spot. So let’s show our enthusiasm for an exciting, wall-banging bunch we haven’t seen the likes of around St. Louis for a very long time. They’re on a nice win streak for this year’s club (3 games), and will be looking to extend this afternoon against former rivals, the Houston Astros. Come by for lunch and skip your afternoon’s duties with a post session at The Post! Gametime and drink specials start at 1:10pm.


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