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Cardinals Very Much Statistically Alive!

September 21st, 2017

The Numbers Aren’t Lying

The Cardinals are 2.5 games out of a playoff spot that 3 teams are shooting for. It has become a legit playoff race by almost any statistical measure. So we’re looking to close out the season and Postseason strong!! Before the Blues take the ice, we’re looking to see what shenanigans the Cardinals can pull off during their last few series of the regular season. Post Up during any game for our Cardinals specials on drafts & wells, and get 10% off all regular prices just for wearing Cardinals gear! Every Tue. & Fri. game through the end of the season also has our live in-house ticket giveaways to see them live during the most important games of the season! Come hang out with us!


New Progressive Happy Hour! #StayPostedEarlier


Blues Open Bar Opener!

And Wednesday, October 4th is our Blues Open Bar Opener with buffet and a Vegas giveaway prize for one lucky winner at each location! Just $25 online! Get your tickets now!



The Post Sports Bar & Grill
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