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New Post Single Earbud – Perfect With Tunity!!

September 8th, 2017

New Post Earbud!

Want to listen to a game at The Post, but it’s not playing on the sound system? Just download the free Tunity app and you’ll be able to listen to a bunch of TV channels through your phone audio just by holding your camera smartphone and lining up the picture to a TV screen!! Once it picks up some signal or something, your phone will have access to the audio for that channel being shown. It’ll feel like magic!…or the first time you used Shazam!

You can use this at home or anywhere, but our patrons have enjoyed using it at The Post. With our many TV’s showing all the different games on at once, you can see how this can make any Post Session that much sweeter!

And now we’ve made it even easier to use the app at The Post with our all new single earbud with audio control! The single earbud allows you to listen to the action on a specific TV while keeping an ear open to talk and listen to those important things your friends are saying, as well as for ease of ordering another round of Post-Its and drinks.

They sell for $2.99 in house or online and are a nice use for The Post or anywhere where you need a free ear!






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