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5 Star Initiative

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional guest service. Unfortunately we may not get it right 100% of the time. However, we’re always striving to improve, and the 5 Star Initiative helps hold our team accountable to this 5 star service level.

Use the links below to immediately connect either publicly or privately with our leadership team about your experience. We want to hear it all; the good, the bad, and most importantly the ugly. Don’t forget to include your experience # (Located on the 5 star card provided by your server).

Google Review 

Private Feedback 

Our team members receive bonuses and other team rewards based upon the compilation of reviews and feedback received, which helps incentivize team members (servers, cooks, bartenders, and management) to go the extra mile for our guests.

Regardless of your current experience, your participation in the 5 Star Initiative helps us improve and more consistently offer that 5 star experience you deserve.

Thanks and Stay Posted!